Orange orange

This isn’t so much a trend as a post about something because I am seriously in love with it. A few weeks ago, I was having a look round John Lewis and came across the most magnificent nail varnish ever.

I’ve been looking for an orange colour for ages, but I couldn’t find one that was the kind I wanted anywhere. Every place had coral/reddy-orange colours but I wanted something really, truly orange. And that day in John Lewis, I found it.

OPI - A Roll in the Hague

It’s one by OPI – A Roll in the Hague – from their Holland collection. I have a fair few polishes from OPI and I am always pretty impressed by the colour and how nicely they go on but I was expecting this to require a few coats.

When I applied it, it was really (I mean, really) bright with only one coat and there were only a couple of nails where it had a gone on a little too thin and needed a second coat.



And it’s lovely and bright for summer. I have gone for a mid-blue on my toe nails for complementary colours as well 🙂

Love Jessica x


Skirting around the issue

While I have never been particularly girly in my clothing selections, the skirt is an important part of any woman’s wardrobe and I am currently rediscovering mine in a big way.

Here’s my favourite thing about them: a skirt can make any old baggy top or boring jumper look good. Moreover, it has the ability to take you from feeling a bit dull to elegant and feminine.
Liverpool is a windy city and wearing skirts in such an environment is no mean feat so I tend to stick to a good fitted mini or pencil skirt to avoid any embarrassing moments. My favourite combination has to be a cute mini skirt and suitably baggy jumper/t-shirt, either with slouchy boots or a pair of trusty ballerina pumps.

Ordinarily, I would say pick a print for either skirt or top, and stick to plain for the other, but since prints are all over the place at the moment, there has never been a better time to clash it up and have fun.
(A print on one half is a great nod to the trend if you’re not feeling quite daring enough for all over!)

My current skirt crush is

Becka skirt by Motel (Topshop)

It’s a tough one to wear with another print so I’d be safe and wear this with a simple baggy white t-shirt or navy blue jumper.








Zara also some great skirts in at the moment, such as this one:

Fantasy Mini Skirt (Zara)

I’d pair it with a black & cream striped top, with a good pair of killer heels or slouchy heeled boots.

And, not forgetting, you can always throw a top or jumper over a dress, and voila, extra skirt!

Love Jessica x

Simple skin

So I spend a lot of time reading articles in magazines (mostly Glamour) about the best skin care products and how you should always cleanse, tone, moisturise etc.
Anyway, after a long time of believing this was the case, I decided I was bored and that my skin had been fairly good before I started using all these fancy products. So I made a decision – goodbye pots of face cream, toners, cleansers.

And I’m happy to say that it was a pretty good call. I do not mean to suggest that you stop removing make up (horror). Only that I’ve found that simple works best! Aided, of course, by my new favourite product:
The mighty Bio-oil!


You can get it here.
(It lasts ages as well.)

It says to use it twice a day for minimum of 3 months. For me, that used to be a big commitment – I like to try out new products all the time. But, I’m now halfway through my 3 months and I am loving bio-oil.
It is super-moisturising and does even out your skin. Plus, I had a few little scars on my face that are now slowly fading away 🙂

For completeness, here’s my new routine.

  • Use a cleansing sponge in the shower (£1.79 for 2 from superdrug)
  • Massage in Bio-oil. Leave for 10 minutes before putting make up on (to let it sink in so your skin doesn’t feel all oily)


  • Remove make up (every night – never sleep in it, that’s just gross)
  • Water! Wash your face with warm water (it’s free!)
  • Bio-oil! (I’m generous with it at night – it’s got hours to sink in)

Love Jessica x

PS there will soon be an exciting post about new hair 🙂

Romance & (no) cigarettes

So, for the past 6 months or so, I have slowly been quitting smoking.
And since it was the anniversary of my first completely cigarette-free month a few days ago, I thought I’d write something about how it’s been.

I think I have had an easier time than most in quitting smoking – largely because it started accidentally. I went on holiday to visit some family in the States last summer and they have young children, so I didn’t want to smoke while I was there.
2 weeks’ forced smoking ban was the easiest way to get started. I hadn’t said to myself “right, now you can’t smoke anymore”. It was easier because it was temporary, and I think that’s why it worked.

The hardest part of quitting for me in the past has been the finality. “Just one more” is where so many people fall down because it’s hard to tell yourself that you can’t ever smoke again.

Once I got back from my holiday, I found that even though I could smoke, I just wasn’t craving them as much and so began the real quitting. I stopped smoking during the day (mostly because I didn’t feel like it) and limited it to just while I was on a night out (read: drinking).

I admit that when I go on nights out, it is very hard to resist that ready-made excuse to go outside for a bit to cool down. Plus, you have to stand in the smoking area, surrounded by people with cigarettes. It’s pretty tough.

And to the benefits 🙂 Mostly, I think my skin has improved a lot since I stopped smoking. I just generally feel better as well. My appetite has increased though, so that’s something I am now working on (exercise!).
Plus, I never noticed how much it was costing me when I did smoke. Now, I feel like I have a lot more excess money (to spend on clothes, obviously).

And one more thing – don’t bother trying to quit because someone else wants you to. It won’t work. It has to be your own choice, and something you really want to do.

And don’t talk to too many ex-smokers. They’re all so smug :p

Love Jessica x

A shoe in

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of some boots I ordered and today, they have arrived!

Minnetonka Double Fringe Tramper boots 😀
I am very excited about these because I have wanted a pair of moccasin-style boots for absolutely aaaages.

In evergreen, £90 from Amazon

[You can get them here]

For starters, these are so comfortable.
And yes, they are quite pricey for students but they’re really well made so I’m hoping they’ll last me a good while if I’m kind to them (they have fairly thick soles too).

I have many outfits planned for these beauties 🙂

    • with jeans & anything!.
    • with my new Firetrap dress.
    • with shorts and a simple t-shirt in summer.
    • with a skirt & anything in summer.

I think these are a great alternative to the the ballet shoes everyone wears in summer and they are just as (probably more) comfortable and versatile.

Anyway, I’m off to go put some suede protector on my new boots.

Love Jessica x

Benefit benefit

Benefit are one of my all time favourite make-up brands. Despite being a bit pricey for students (bring on full-time employment), their make up is awesome.
Plus I’m a total sucker for cute packaging and their stuff looks so good.

I have 3 current absolute favourite products

They’re Real! Mascara
Believe the hype! This mascara is amazing. Like, the best mascara ever. I have spent a long time searching for the perfect mascara to give me magnificent eyelashes (very important when you cannot apply false lashes to save your life) and I have found it 🙂
It makes lashes look big, bold and, absolute best of all, holds curl (honestly)!
they’re real! mascara

Posie tint
This was a recent addition to my daily make up routine and I love it. I have really pale skin so look much better with a pink than a red cheek (hence the choice of posie tint over the classic benetint). Anyway, this stuff is lovely, easy to put on aaaand it stays on! Usually my carefully applied cheek colour is gone by lunch time but this stuff sticks around all day. Yay 🙂
Plus, I hear dewy skin is in now and posie tint it just a little bit shiny too, adding a lovely dewy effect, on top of perfect pink cheeks.
posie tint

[Note: beware though. You should put it on & blend it one cheek at a time! It starts to settle in straight away and nobody wants pink blobs on their face.]

The porefessional
The best primer. This is the strangest stuff to apply though – it has a really odd halfway-between-powder-and-liquid texture. BUT it does work. I use it for special occasions when I want to look extra-perfect. It really evens my skin tone and helps my foundation hold. Pore-fection!
the porefessional

Love Jessica x

[Update: benefit decided to update their site so sorry for the broken links, they’re working now :)]

Ooh new stuff!

The end of the January sales is usually when all the rubbish clothes are left in obscure sizes that nobody wants (poor things). Not so for me yesterday though!
I was in uni for a revision lecture (it’s exam season – boo) and decided to have a little scout round town afterwards as a break from all my hard work.

Now, sale season is usually the only time I can afford clothes from Firetrap but I’m not complaining because the sales in their Liverpool shop are always pretty damn good. There is never anyone there when I go in which I guess is why they always end up with loads of stock during the sales.

So here are my awesome buys from the Firetrap sale:

Cooper jumper in Dove Grey - £85 down to £25.50

Yes I know, winter is coming to an end but this is England and I reckon I’ll get a good 2-3 months more of wear out of a cosy jumper yet! It is so soft as well. And made extra- exciting by the fact that I saw it when it first came into shops (at full price) and fell in love with it, but I just couldn’t justify spending £85 on one jumper.
It looks so cute with a simple top underneath and skinny jeans.
(Excuse the self-photo. The jumper needed bf approval so I sent him a photo!)

Kleio dress - £75 down to £22.50

And the dress…er…well, I don’t own that many dresses so I figure I’ll have some occasion to wear it to this summer. A garden party would be perfect with strappy sandals. Though admittedly, I don’t really go to a lot (read: any) garden parties…
Otherwise, with these beauties:

£35 down to £14 in the Next sale

…and a black blazer!

Or possibly with some new boots that I am awaiting delivery of (more on those when they arrive)!

So if you’re bored of revision, my advice is…go buy stuff!

Love Jessica x

PS if you’re having a garden party, please invite me! I want to wear my dress 🙂